Our Story

Hello! I am Heather Shultz and I am excited to announce some changes we have made in the business, including changing the business name to Heather Shultz Photography! Heather Shultz Photography specializes in Weddings & Engagements!  

Lets talk Weddings!!  Weddings! Weddings! Weddings! I simply love photographing weddings. Everything from the simplest details to the first look and the first kiss! The tears, the smiles, emotions I capture photographs that tell a story of one of the most important days of your life! Creating artwork and albums that you and your families will cherish for a lifetime!

When you choose Heather Shultz Photograph you choose not only experience, quality and professionalism but a photographer who cares about you and your family by providing the best photography experience imaginable capturing your style, personality and always learning new techniques.